Project Description

QGoLive and Anchor Dashboard


QGoLive allows radio reporters, air talent, and guests to quickly get on the air in broadcast quality simply by launching an app and pressing one button. It is a software to software solution and does not require the purchase of hardware at the studio end. The transmit app runs on iOS or Android devices. The receiver application runs on PC or Mac. We can also provide an Android based hardware receiver with balanced XLR inputs and outputs so you don’t have to tie up a computer for the receiver. The primary purpose of QGoLive is to replace the live shots that are typically broadcast in phone quality because the air personality has just arrived on the scene and has not had an opportunity to set up equipment for a broadcast quality live shot.

Anchor Dashboard

Anchor Dashboard is an automatically-updating info screen for all-news and news/talk. It organizes all the elements you need for local service radio (weather, traffic, sports, stocks, talent schedule, alerts, and more) on one screen. It lets editors easily send messages to anchors on the air. It can be customized for your needs, your market, and your providers.

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